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Noah (or Nat I don't care)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hey there! I'm Noah. Not sure what else to say, but call me Noah or Nat o u o
If there's anything you're curious about, feel free to ask u v u

and hey, if you want to follow me on:
I follow back on twitter and instagram, if I like your blog I'll follow on tumblr <3

//rolls away
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[CLOSED] Adopt Christmas Raffle~! by Riccasze 
go check it out! No need to watch, but hey her art is pretty as heck~
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Pokemon Training Assignment 2 by NerdNations
Pokemon Training Assignment 2
Task: Draw or write about your student raising their pokemon partner. This can be done through feeding them berries/poffins/pokepuffs, playing games with them such as bouncing yarn and hide and seek, or even petting them.

-coughs- so uh, this was supposed to be my attempt at drawing Gabriel and Elvis playing I forgot it was yarn not a ball so.... sorry about that.
Pokemon Training Assignment 1 by NerdNations
Pokemon Training Assignment 1
Task: Draw or write about your student caring for their pokemon egg. Have fun with the egg design, as the shell usually reflects the appearance of the pokemon inside.

Gabriel carefully cradled their swaddled Egg as they continued their stroll through the school, since it was far too hot outside for them to go out there the blanket seemed necessary- they had to keep the Egg warm after all! Which is exactly why they kept shopping in front of the sunlit windows for as long as possible. "Goodness, it's a beautiful day out here...I hope you hatch soon tiny friend, I think you're gonna LOVE everything the world has to offer." They smiled at the Egg, giving it a little hug. To them, this Egg was their world right now and that meant it was as happy as the vibes they were SURE it was TOTALLY giving off. "Gosh, and I sure hope everyone else loves you as much as I do, heck...I hope I love you even more when you arrive!" Well, they could only hope their little friend could hear them in there. For now, it was back to walking and idle chit chat with the Egg friend.

Please forgive me if this isn't that great, but I did have a lot of fun painting this egg! I had originally planned on using water colour pencil crayons, but last second decision to make it plain old water colours and I am very pleased with the result =v= however I also did some other stuff, it's just... my life is a mess and I can no longer use my laptop to do digital work. SO traditional it is have my doodles where I apparently have no concept of consistency and no idea of the actual size of this egg

lolGabriel: Who says parents can't be fashionable?
Egg Parent by NerdNations
Egg Parent
For the Pokémon Training assignment one! Hope you don't mind, but I can't actually edit the two into one as I only have my tablet and it is a butt who does not accept my files

It was pain enough trying to upload these -weeps- sorry
The students file into the classroom as Mr. Darling stands near the front, giving each of them a nod and brilliant smile as they pass by. Once everyone has taken their seats Mr. Darling made his way to the chalkboard and elegantly wrote his name out on the board.

“Ah…G-good afternoon class! Welcome to Sex Education! My name is Damien Darling, you may call me Mr. Darling and I am your new teacher this semester.” He circled around to the front of the desk and sat on it’s edge, his smile remaining as brilliant as ever. “Since this is my first class, I will be trying to keep it as interactive and mind-stimulating as possible, hopefully my teaching style matches well with how you all learn. If you have any questions for me, please do not be afraid to ask!”

Assignment One:

Mr. Darling took his place on the edge of his desk, smiling and waiting patiently for the students to take their seats.

Once the final bell went and the students were seated, Mr. Darling pulled two very small safety cones from a box on his desk and placed them on each side of him. “Before we start, let me just say how wonderful it is to see so many youth interested in learning about sex! The first thing everyone needs to know about, is SAFETY.”

“Now I know, some of you must be thinking ‘ugh not the condom talk again’ but let me tell you that is NOT the first thing on safe sex!” Mr. Darling looked across the class of somewhat confused faces and began pacing slowly across the front of the classroom. “Does anyone have an inkling on what the first and most important component of safety is? Anyone--?”

What an untalkative class! Mr. Darling was too impatient to wait for a possible brave student to take a guess and went back to the chalk board to start writing. “The answer, is Consent. An enthusiastic yes, every time, all the time. With that being said, I would like for all of you to take a moment to answer the following questions. Once you have all completed it, we will take turns introducing ourselves and giving an example of consent- preferably non-sexual, so we can see just how creative you can all get.”  


Draw or write your character reading out their answers and if they’ve chosen to participate in sharing their other answers, include their reaction to receiving a surprise sticker reward!

1. Please do tell your Name and Grade!*
2. Why have you decided to take this class?*
3. Have you taken Sex Ed previously? If so, what have you learned from it?
4. Is consent important?
5. If someone gives a hesitant yes, is that still consent?
6. If you would care to, give us an example of how consent is applicable to anything!


Assignment Two:
Today Mr. Darling was at his usual seat on the edge of his desk, waiting for the students to come in.

Once at their desks, they notice a blank recipe card and a cup of pens every few desks. “What’s this for?” A student calls out, waving their card around in the air, several students nodding mumbling follow up questions on this.
Mr. Darling grinned wildly at the class and held up a blank card of his own. “This, is for a game we’re going to play! But first, I suppose I should give the lesson…” It seemed Mr. Darling was rather out of sorts, but he went on to pace around the classroom as he spoke.

“Today’s lesson is on condoms! For now we’re going to try exploring what you may not know exists to help keep you from sexually transmitted infections, diseases and potentially unwanted pregnancies!”

“The first on our list is an insert condom, designed for the partner(s) with a vagina and as the standard condom, lessens the risk of pregnancy.”

Mr. Darling picked up a small bucket on his desk and dumped out a few of- yup, the students guessed it- condoms. “Now the second, is called a ‘Dental Dam’ which is meant for use in oral sex! Not many know of this one due to how it is rarely ever talked about. Although this is not for unwanted pregnancies, it is much more useful in helping prevent infections around your mouth or passing on infections to your partner(s). Not to mention oral is not the tastiest to perform.”

“Now for today’s activity, you will be playing contraceptive HEADBANDZ. Each of you will write down the name of a known contraceptive on your cards, and give the card to classmate. Be sure they don’t see it though, since they are going to use their knowledge of contraceptives to guess which one they are!”

He held up his own place card as an example, trying to show them were to write on it. “Once you have done that, you will take your given cards and stick them to your foreheads as such.” He licked the card and tried to stick it to his forehead as a demonstration, only for his saliva to have melted a hole in the card. He muttered quietly about how he had not thought that through before tossing the poor card in the trash. “WELL- ahem, I mean…you may use any other method so long as the card stays on your peer’s forehead.”


Draw or write your character testing their knowledge playing contraceptive headbands with a classmate! Hopefully the teacher has some tape or some sort of way to stick these cards to each other’s faces.

You must both submit an assignment otherwise credit will only go the one who did the assignment.

Assignment Three - Final Exam:

Rather than the usual grinning welcome from Mr. Darling, the students were left outside the classroom with directions to the gymnasium. But why the gym? Well, Mr. Darling IS the teacher, the students went along curiously to see what could possibly be in store for them today.

“Good Afternoon, class! I know you must be curious as to why we’re here, but we’ll get to that in a bit.” Mr. Darling stood in front of the closed gymnasium doors, greeting all of them cheerfully. “First, I would like to thank all of you for taking my class, it has been so much fun and an honor to teach all of you. Now, I would also like to say that over this course we have learned about two key basics you need to have under your belt before you go under the belt. Eh, eeeehhh?” Mr. Darling was rather disappointed his joke had only gotten a few chuckles and more than enough embarrassed groans.

“Ahem. Anyway, let’s get down to business, shall we?” Mr. Darling gave the class a rather excited grin before turning around to throw the doors of the gymnasium open to reveal an obstacle course. “Today, we will be hands on learning about COMMUNICATION! You see, knowledge on safe practice also comes with needing to talk about it with you partner(s) and being able to understand one another clearly. Communication, is more than just talking to someone it’s about having an engaging conversation with someone.”

“You see, communication is what helps to build stronger relationships whether it be romantic, platonic, or straight up business!” Mr. Darling handed out two sets of soft rope to each student, each colour matched with another. “SO for our last time as a class, we’re going to have a FANTASTIC time bonding! I need each of you to find the student with your matching colour, and tie your wrists together in a simple, easily undone knot. Once that is done, we will take turns running the course together. You will need to be able to communicate well if you want to make it through with a good time and who knows, maybe there are some extra neat stickers for those with the best time!”

Draw or write your characters in their pairs going through the obstacle course and using communication to move through it together!

1. Haru Kirisaki & Miyuki Kanemoto
2. Stephan & Pat
3. Alexander Drathmort & Natalie Edwards
4. Cherry Atomess & Ming Young
Sex Ed
If you have any questions send me a note and I'll answer as soon as possible! Thank you for your patience.

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